Where to Start With an Indiana Burn Injury Accident Claim

Burn accidents can be devastating, and serious burn injuries can have catastrophic and lasting impacts, not just for victims, but also to their families and loved ones. If you or your loved one was severely burned in an accident that was another’s fault, you are likely entitled to claim payments for your damages and losses. Get the compensation you are owed by getting your Indiana burn injury accident claim started as soon as possible, before time runs out. Not sure where or how to begin? Simply call on Attorney Carl Brizzi, a seasoned lawyer with the law firm Lewis And Wilkins LLP (LAW). He and his team are the right choice for your Indiana burn injury lawsuit.

Continue below to learn why you can trust Attorney Carl Brizzi to obtain the full and fair settlement or verdict you deserve after suffering significant damages and losses after a burn accident.

Indiana Burn Victims Turn to Carl Brizzi LAW for Financial Recovery.

Choose Carl Brizzi LAW for Burn Injury Accident Claims in Indiana

As a seasoned lawyer with the law firm Lewis And Wilkins LLP (LAW), Attorney Carl Brizzi is a trusted source for personal injury civil litigation in Indiana. When it comes to burn injury cases, there is no other lawyer more qualified to protect your rights to compensation. During the course of our legal practice, Carl Brizzi LAW has come to understand that burn victims feel stress, anxiety, fear, pain, and a need to hold the accountable party responsible, all at the same time. We empathize with this common conflict of emotions. We navigate every investigative and litigious aspect of your claim in order to alleviate all of these stressors, thus allow you to focus solely on feeling better.

Our Indiana burn injury lawyers fight against shady insurance adjuster tactics, stopping at nothing to obtain the maximum settlement for your damages, including hospital bills, medical expenses, lost wages from time missed at work, mental anguish, permanent scarring or disfigurement, reduced quality of life, and much more. We might even recover punitive damages if the negligent party who caused you harm was particularly reckless or deliberate in their actions.

Carl Brizzi LAW represents personal injury clients in a wide range of burn accident lawsuits, including:

☑ Car Accidents
☑ Scalding Water Injury
☑ Electrocutions
☑ Electric Shock Accidents
☑ Explosions
☑ Flammable Liquid Accidents
☑ Chemical Burns
☑ Gasoline Fires
☑ Fuel Spills
☑ Industrial Accidents
☑ Dangerous Products
☑ Defective Smoke Alarms
☑ Candle Accidents
☑ Severe Road Rashes
☑ Firework Accidents
☑ Campfire Accidents

Your Financial Recovery Does Not Cost Anything Unless We Prevail For You

It is said that “for every percent of the body burned, one day in the hospital is required.” For serious burn victims, this can quickly add up in costs and additional damages. In Indiana, burn unit costs average between $30,000 and one million dollars. At Carl Brizzi LAW, we strongly believe that all innocent victims deserve astute and effectual legal representation, regardless of income or social class. Innocent victims of severe injuries are entitled to financial recovery, without having to sacrifice financially themselves. For this reason, we do not require any upfront payments or fees. Not only do we provide free case evaluations to discuss your legal options, but Carl Brizzi LAW also works on contingency, so you do not pay us unless we get a settlement or Social Security disability benefits for you.


Let us be your advocate for financial recovery after suffering serious damages and losses from a wrongful burn accident in Indianapolis, Indiana. Act now, before the statutes of limitations runs out on your claim. You have a right to learn your options without any obligation to pay. You may also visit our FAQS page to learn more about punitive damages and statutes of limitations.

How to Get in Touch With an Indiana Burn Injury Lawyer

Contact us as soon as possible to have your burn injury case evaluated, free of charge. You may call our office directly at 317-636-7497, submit an email from our website, or message us on our Facebook page. We can perform case evaluation meetings over the phone, in person at our office, or via online video conferencing. There is no need to travel, or even leave your home, to become a priority client of ours.

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