Delayed Pain Post Car Accident Can Be Serious

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I can’t count the number of times relatives or friends are involved in car accidents, but refuse on-scene medical care. Car accidents vary, and often don’t result in serious injury. However, many times fortunate drivers walk away from a car collision, only to later experience pain and injury. Delayed pain after a motor vehicle crash is common and can be serious. It can also affect your right to injury compensation.

At Carl Brizzi Law, we work with many car accident victims who experience pain and injury days or even weeks after a car accident.

It’s always the client’s decision whether to seek medical attention. However, we recommend obtaining a complete evaluation by a medical professional following a car accident. Doctors specializing in car crash victims treat visible injuries while assessing soft-muscle tissue injury, internal organ damage, brain injury, as well as, psychological disorders linked to traumatic events. 

Staying healthy and avoiding post-accident complications are the most important factors when deciding whether to seek medical attention after an accident. However, not seeking a medical examination may not only leave you vulnerable to the complications of delayed pain and hidden injuries, but also may compromise your right to financial compensation.

People often ask why someone should seek medical attention after an accident if they don’t feel any pain. The primary reason is that elevated adrenaline levels can obscure internal and soft-muscle injuries following a car crash. Some of these injuries can include internal bleeding, organ damage, whiplash, and concussion. 

A sometimes overlooked factor includes psychological trauma. In the weeks or months following an accident, victims may experience emotional injury that includes anxiety, depression, and post-traumatic stress disorder. Car accident victims suffering these symptoms can easily spiral into a debilitating state of dysfunction with a lasting, negative impact on their quality of life.

Lastly, if a car accident victim mistakenly assumes they are uninjured or have suffered only mild injuries, they may forego what they’re entitled to, and accept a smaller settlement from the insurance company.

Don’t agree to a settlement from an insurance before consulting with the lawyers at Carl Brizzi Law.

If you’ve been involved in a car accident we recommend first seeking medical attention, and then calling the attorneys at Carl Brizzi Law for a free consultation. For a comprehensive case review and evaluation of your Indianapolis car accident personal injury claim, contact our office today.

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