Expected Fees and Costs in a Personal Injury Lawsuit

Although most personal injury law firms use a contingency fee business model, that does not mean that clients are exempt from paying certain fees and costs out of their own pocket; and sometimes, even before obtaining a settlement. Furthermore, there is a notable difference between fees and costs, which is something every legal client must understand before moving forward with a personal injury claim.

If you or a loved one is preparing to file an accident claim, continue reading to learn what you need to know about fees and costs associated with personal injury lawsuits.

Indianapolis Personal Injury Lawyers 317-636-7497
Indianapolis Personal Injury Lawyers 317-636-7497

Personal Injury Contingency Fees

Personal injury lawyers generally operate on a contingency-fee basis, which means they do not collect any attorney fees upfront, and instead, only collect a payment if they recover a settlement for the client. So, a lawyer’s payment is contingent on their ability to recover a settlement for their client. Aside from personal injury contingency fees, a client might also be obligated to pay certain costs related to their lawsuit. Additionally, some personal injury costs might be required in full prior to receiving a settlement check.

Personal Injury Costs

Separate from the contingency fee owed at the completion of a case, personal injury costs might also be owed, both before and after receiving a settlement. These costs refer to the expenses associated with the process of filing a claim and taking it to court. There are various types of personal injury costs that a client can expect to pay.

The Most Common Accident Case Expenses Include:

► Filing Fees
► Court Reporting Fees
► Mediation Fees
► Jury Fees
► Witness Fees
► Expert Testimony Fees
► Professional Consultation Fees
► Investigative Fees
► Administrative Fees (copies, postage, etc.)
► Fees for Serving Summons or Complaints
► Mileage and Travel Costs

How to Get More Legal Advice for Your Personal Injury Claim in Indianapolis

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