Do I Have a Case?

My name is Carl Brizzi. I am the two-term tough Indianapolis prosecutor who’s personally handled some of the biggest cases in the state’s history.  I no longer work as a prosecutor. Instead of pursuing bad guys, I’m putting my talents to work with the law firm, Lewis and Wilkins, LLC, practicing personal injury law and pursuing justice for people who’ve been injured

Throughout my career as a personal injury attorney…the question I am asked most is, “do I have a case?”

And most of the time my answer is, “well, it depends.”  

Attorney Carl Brizzi Will Listen to the Details of Your Personal Injury Case, for Free.

We know accidents happen.  And, aside from geological, meteorological, zoological, and astrological events, most injuries to people result from some human involvement. However, when a human is involved in causing an injury, the question then becomes whether they are legally responsible for the harm caused.

Ethical, responsible attorneys don’t take every case that walks in the door. Many factors are part of the decision process. For example, if there’s a dispute regarding fault, if someone is seriously injured, then pursuing a legal remedy may be a good idea. Other factors may mitigate against pursuing a legal claim like nature of the injury, gratitude, or compassion.

However, please remember that If you’re involved in an accident that wasn’t your fault and you suffered serious injuries, it’s likely that pursuing a legal remedy may be the only avenue to receive compensation for your personal injuries.

It is possible that after a vehicle accident, the at-fault person’s insurance company may immediately contact you to settle the claim. Exercise caution when dealing with the insurance company.  Be careful what you say when speaking with the claim’s adjusters. You may want to consider speaking with us before dealing with the insurance companies.

Insurance policies are complex, and adjusters sometimes use hardball tactics to coerce settlement. Dealing with claims adjusters may leave you frustrated — and you may not receive the compensation to which you’re entitled.

If you’ve been injured, please call us immediately to discuss your options.  

Many injury attorneys like me are smart, idealistic, justice seekers. The origin of these motivations go way back to the nineties when I was the Chief Gang Prosecutor for the Marion County Prosecutor’s Office.

I am a personal injury lawyer, but I am also an advisor for potential clients during moments of great stress.  I will assist you not only with legal options, but also answer questions regarding emotional stress, impact on relationships and future ability to receive adequate health care.

I receive no payment for these consultations. Call our office today for either a virtual or “in person” appointment. Whatever setting you are most comfortable with.

If you’ve been injured – call us today.

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