Do I Need a Personal Injury Lawyer if I’m At Fault for a Car Accident?

If you were recently injured in a car accident, but you believe the accident was your fault, you might be confused on your rights to compensation for your personal damages. More importantly, you may not actually be to blame for the accident and should know how to protect yourself against such accusations.

Continue reading to learn what you need to know about retaining personal injury representation as an at-fault injured victim.

Car Accident Law Firm Indianapolis IN 317-636-7497
Car Accident Law Firm Indianapolis IN 317-636-7497

Facts About At-Fault Car Accidents

In the case that you were involved in a car accident that left you seriously injured, you would be entitled to certain compensation, whether that be medical care coverage or actual recompense to cover all of your related losses and damages. But in the case that the car accident was your fault, you would also be liable for the damages and losses suffered by the other driver involved in the accident, as well as any economic losses of your own that are not covered by your insurance.

You see, as an insured driver and an individual with health insurance, you would still receive whatever benefits are included in both your auto and health care insurance policies. However, your insurance policy benefits may not be sufficient enough to cover all of the related losses and damages that resulted from the car accident. In this situation, you would be liable to pay these costs out of pocket.

Do Not Admit Fault After a Car Accident

In the case of any car accident, you should never admit fault of any kind. Even if you are sure the accident was your fault and you want to do the right thing by accepting responsibility, you should still keep hush. You might find that the accident actually wasn’t your fault once all the details are revealed.

Being involved in an accident is a scary situation that may cause you confusion, which can also cause you to misinterpret who is at fault. Get yourself the proper medical treatment you need for your injuries, and then speak to an experienced accident lawyer about settling the insurance claim for yourself and the other drivers involved in the accident.

Keep All Conversations Vague But Polite

You must not say too much, but you must be cooperative and friendly. Here’s how to do that:

Do not talk about how the accident occurred.

Do not apologize or say, “I’m sorry”, and do not make any similar statements that could be interpreted as an admission of fault.

Do not participate in any discussions about who is at fault for the accident.

Do not ask or answer questions about the accident, such as “did you not see me?” or “how fast were you driving?”

What You Should Do Either Way

Contacted trusted Indiana personal injury law firm to discuss your accident claim with the knowledgeable and skilled accident attorney who cares about your well-being. They can assess your claim and determine the best strategies for recovering compensation.

Don’t let the time limit run out on your claim. Get the financial benefits you are owed on behalf of your loved one. For a free personal injury case evaluation, contact Carl Brizzi LAW at 317-636-7497 as soon as possible. We serve clients all throughout Indiana.

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Carl Brizzi Law Indianapolis Indiana
Carl Brizzi Law Indianapolis Indiana 317-636-7497

Do I Need a Car Accident Lawyer?

Indianapolis Indiana Car Accident Lawyers 317-636-7497
Indianapolis Indiana Car Accident Lawyers 317-636-7497

Each year, approximately 700 Hoosiers are killed in traffic collisions caused by distracted, speeding, and intoxicated motorists. Sadly, this tragic statistic doesn’t count the number of car accident survivors who sustain devastating physical and cognitive injuries on an annual basis. It can be difficult for a survivor to navigate the legal aftermath of a car accident, especially if they’re struggling to afford costly medical bills.

If you’ve been involved in an automobile accident, you may be interested in exploring your legal options. You may be working with your insurance company already; so do you need a personal injury lawyer to secure a favorable settlement?

One critical fact you need to remember throughout the duration of your case is that insurance companies are for-profit businesses. This means that an insurance claims adjuster will do everything they can to reduce or eliminate your damages, even if it means engaging in shenanigans to undermine your claim. Adjusters are paid to take advantage of injured people who are not represented by an experienced injury lawyer. The best way to maximize your claim is to retain the services of an experienced car accident attorney.

At Carl Brizzi LAW, our skilled and resourceful injury lawyers can investigate your case and develop an aggressive litigation strategy that proves the at-fault party is responsible for your injuries and financial losses. We will thoroughly assess the legal aspects of your case, collect critical evidence, and explain your legal options so that you can focus on recovering.

With our guidance, you can recover compensation that accounts for your medical expenses, lost wages, loss of earning capacity, and more. If you’re interested in learning how we can benefit your specific case, please schedule a free consultation with our firm today.

Most importantly, we will prevent the at fault party’s insurance company from taking advantage of your inexperience by negotiating with the insurance company representatives on your behalf and countering any low ball settlement offers by calculating, documenting and projecting all injury related expenses. Finally, if the case does not settle, our lawyers will litigate your case in court.

If you’ve been involved in a car accident we recommend first seeking medical attention, and then calling the attorneys at Carl Brizzi LAW for a free consultation.

For a comprehensive case review and evaluation of your car accident personal injury claim, contact our office today.

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Carl Brizzi Law Indianapolis Indiana
Carl Brizzi Law Indianapolis Indiana 317-636-7497

Dude, You Hit My Car!

Car Accident Attorney Indianapolis Indiana 317-636-7497
Car Accident Attorney Indianapolis Indiana 317-636-7497

No one is prepared for a car accident – they happen in an instant. And, unless you’ve been involved in a serious wreck, no one truly understands how disruptive it is…until it happens. Healing properly from the injuries sustained is the number one top priority. And, many times, the injuries are serious enough that time off work is necessary to recover. The question of when you can return to work depends on the specifics of your injury and situation. Every collision is different – every injury in different. There is no exact formulaic table of recovery time used to calculate when you’re healthy enough, and feel well enough, to return to work after being involved in a serious car accident.

However, many accident victims I’ve talked to feel pressure to get back to work as soon as possible for a variety of reasons, both personal and economic. Accidents are unexpected…THAT’S WHY THEY’RE CALLED ACCIDENTS. And, most people don’t save up sick or vacation days to take the necessary time off work needed to recover.

Plus, even if you want to get back to work right away, the potential exists that returning to work early may aggravate your injuries, delay the healing process, and needlessly suffer additional pain and complications due to the fact that you haven’t fully recovered.

The amount of time needed to recover depends on the severity of your injuries and the limitations caused by the accident. The most reliable source of information is your doctor. Most doctors will recommend a recovery time, and we advise that it’s best to ask your doctor when determining when it’s safe for you to return to work.

The pain and injury associated with being in a motor vehicle crash can be somewhat misleading. If you’ve ever been involved in an accident you know that it can take your body 24-72 hours before the adrenaline caused by the suddenness of the impact leaves your system. This is when accident victims really start feeling the full physical symptoms of any underlying injuries caused by a car accident. You may experience pain sooner, however, three days is a reasonable amount of time to determine if you have physical injuries that you cannot feel immediately after the accident.

If your injuries require hospitalization, employers are more apt to accommodate additional time off work. After seeking medical attention, and retaining an attorney, please be sure to notify your employer of the accident immediately. Your company’s human resource department will be able to relay the options available. Company rules differ from employer to employer so be sure to get all the details needed to properly understand your employer’s policy regarding time off for injuries.

It’s important to remember that lost wages is a component in a personal injury lawsuit. Call me at 317-636-7497 to discuss how you can recoup lost wages, as well as compensation for pain and suffering, in addition to medical bills after a car accident.