Why Social Networking is Damaging to Personal Injury Claims

Social media networking is a vastly popular societal and public outlet for people of all ages, all over the world. Networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Tumblr, WhatsApp, and Snapchat are all common examples of social media portals used by everyone from children to adults. Although highly interactive and incredibly convenient for communicating instantly with friends, coworkers, colleagues, and family, social networking can also jeopardize one’s privacy.

In the case of a personal injury victim pursuing legal action against a negligent party who caused them to be harmed in an accident, social networking is not something that is conducive to a successful personal injury settlement.

Continue reading to learn why personal injury victims should halt all social networking until there accident claim is settled.

Indianapolis Indiana Accident Lawyers 317-636-7497
Indianapolis Indiana Accident Lawyers 317-636-7497

Social Media Mistakes for Personal Injury Survivors

As a personal injury victim and accident survivor, whether yourself or as a dependent of a wrongfully injured person or wrongful death, it can be very tempting to turn to your social media networks for support and inspiration during a challenging time in your life. However, it is vital to understand that social media can be damaging to the outcome of personal injury lawsuit. In fact, experienced and skilled Indiana personal injury lawyers will immediately advise their clients to stop all social media networking, and even temporarily close their accounts, until the case is completed, and they have received a settlement or Social Security verdict.

Why is Social Networking Bad for Accident Claims?

The answer is interpretive evidence. Anything you post on social media, whether it be a picture or comment, can be used against you by the opposing defense and insurance company to reduce the value of your lawsuit, or dismiss it altogether. For instance, if you are pursuing a personal injury claim for a broken leg injury after being hit by a drunk driver, but then post picture of you standing in front of the fireplace with your grandmother, the opposing defense or insurance company can use this evidence against you by implying that your leg injury is not as severe as you claim it to be since you are standing up on your own, and therefore do not require the compensation or settlement demanded.

You may have just stood up for a second to snap that photo and was able to do so without the aid of crutches or a walker, or even a foot boot; but because defense attorneys and insurance companies are so fervent in reducing the value of personal injury lawsuits, they will twist and turn a simple picture with your grandmother into a ludicrous accusation to be used against you. Keep in mind, it is possible these days for defense attorneys to request password and login information to investigate claimant’s social media accounts. So, if you post it, they likely can find.

How to Protect Your Personal Injury Settlement

As soon as you are injured in an accident that was not your fault, it is important to stay off all social media networking accounts until you have spoken to a lawyer about the possibility of pursuing legal action against the at-fault party. Do not even post that you were injured in an accident at all. Immediately make a police report, seek medical care, and then contact a trusted Indianapolis Indiana personal injury lawyer who can help you get started on your claim.

They have the knowledge and skills to protect you through the entire personal injury claim process and can guide you in the right direction toward a successful case outcome. With the help of a seasoned accident lawyer in your side, you can obtain the full and fair compensation you deserve for all your damages and losses, including hospital bills, medical expenses, pain and suffering, and much more.

Are you ready to get started on your personal injury claim after being injured in an accident that was not your fault? Contact Carl Brizzi LAW at 317-636-7497 and schedule a free case evaluation with a skilled Indianapolis Indiana accident attorney you can trust. Our law firm serves clients all throughout the state of Indiana.


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Carl Brizzi Law Indianapolis Indiana
Carl Brizzi Law Indianapolis Indiana 317-636-7497

Justice Delayed is Justice Denied

Personal Injury Trial Lawyers Indiana
Personal Injury Trial Lawyers Indiana 317-636-7497

Apparently, the virus isn’t too concerned about folks getting their day in court.  The Indiana Supreme recently ordered suspending jury trials statewide until March 1, citing “the need for drastic measures as COVID-19 continues to surge.”

Indiana joins other state and federal courts suspending jury trials over the past months as a result of spikes in Covid-19 infections. Courts in several states, including New York, Washington, Texas, Connecticut, Missouri, Florida, Arizona, Ohio and Virginia, have all suspended jury trials.

“In-person jury trials pose an exceptional risk to everyone involved—even if every precaution is taken. We have hope that 2021 will bring improved conditions,” Chief Justice Loretta Rush said in written remarks. “But hoping is not enough. There is more we must do, and we must act now.”

Infections related to juries have already been reported in other states.

In the Eastern District of Texas, at least 13 people involved in a civil jury trial tested positive for Covid-19, including two jurors and three staff members, Clerk of Court David O’Toole said. The court declared a mistrial and postponed jury proceedings in that courthouse through December, he said.

The Eastern District of Arkansas also suspended four jury trials in recent months after a juror either tested positive or was exposed. In a Nov. 6 order suspending jury trials, Chief Judge D.P. Marshall said almost 100 people had requested to be excused from jury duty in October and November for virus-related reasons.

To date, Indiana has reported 598,313 cases of the virus and 9,529 deaths. The US virus death toll eclipsed 400,000, as compiled by Johns Hopkins University, and is nearly equal to the number of Americans killed in World War II. And “experts” predict that the virus isn’t finished with us. Even with the arrival of vaccines touted as vanquishing the virus, a widely cited model by the University of Washington projects the death toll could reach 567,000 by May 1st. 

So, while closing courtrooms is seriously inconvenient and creates a greater backlog of cases, it makes sense for public health reasons. Some legal experts warn the delays could create an overwhelming backlog of cases and have legal ramifications. The virus is aggravating what is an already strained system. Courts all over the state are grappling with a backlog of cases delayed by previous closures.

With each court setting its own pandemic procedures, the result is a patchwork of pandemic related rules. Some judges are more accepting of remote appearances and procedures. Rest assured, our lawyers are still fiercely advocating for our clients. Here at Carl Brizzi LAW, our Indiana civil litigators are doing as many phone conferences as possible to reduce the number of people physically going to court. As far as new clients are concerned, we remain flexible. We are happy to meet in person under the COVID protocols, or we are set up to use video conferencing. It’s up to you…the client.

Carl Brizzi Law Indianapolis Indiana
Carl Brizzi Law Indianapolis Indiana 317-636-7497